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Urinal Servicing

Does your Urinal Stink?

We have urinal service specialist to help.

Bad odours in urinals can take over the whole bathroom. Urinals that are not being serviced on a regular basis develop bad drainage and pooling issues in the bottom of the urinals which can do damage to pipe work in buildings.

Waterless Urinal need a service?

Urinal Deep cleaning is an essential part of any waterless urinal system.  All of the current range of waterless urinal contain some kind of "barrier" or valve system to ensure bad smells don't come from there urinals.

A proper deep clean of a urinal includes the removal of all the build up of uric scale on and around the urinal. There are many cleaners and products on the market claiming to perform urinal maintainence or deep cleans and charging extra for the privilege. To ensure you are getting your monies worth after a scheduled service, take a look under the cover of urinal, if it has you running to the nearest toilet then its not right.

Stainless Steel urinal polishing service. Don't replace it, refurbish it!

Calcium and uric scale build up on your stainless steel urinals can make them look very dirty. Our unique urinal polishing will have them looking brand new. 

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