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About Us...

The Urinal Shop website has been put together by a group of plumbers and urinal cleaners who have over the years develop an excellent understanding of what does and doesn't work in the world of urinals.

After many years of making a good living out of fixing problem urinals mostly installed after poor decisions where made during construction and compounded through average preventative maintenance programs it was decided to put together the website.

We have seen many cases of Architects specifying a certain type of urinal based on nothing other then the shape only to find out after a year of use they have had numerous problems with smells, water wastage or drain pipe damage. All of which could have been avoided with the correct information.

Our team of plumbers and service technicians have worked with almost every urinal available and it is their feed back and recommendations that we have drawn on to supply you with our list of what we consider to be the best products currently on the market.

Budget is the major consideration for most companies so we have gone to great lengths to provide a full range of products and options to facilitate every body's needs from $50 retrofits of existing urinals to $3,500 latest technology waterless troughs.

It is also important when purchasing a new urinal that ongoing costs be considered. Many people have been caught out purchasing a top of the range waterless urinal to save them 120,000 litres of water a year only to find they end up paying 4 times the water costs in consumables required to run the urinal.(some people don't care about the cost if they are saving that much water!)

If you require any information or would like one of our staff to visit your site for a free inspection please contact us any time.

Thank you
The Urinal Shop

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